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Your security by our system guarantee

Even when machines and systems are designed and produced with great care, they may still entail unknown safety risks.

The reason for this is simple: machines consist of components. These are developed and produced by different companies and then connected with third-party components to the relevant interfaces. The critical areas are exactly these interfaces for which nobody feels responsible.

The classic interface problem:

Rerucha develops its own products and problem solutions in order to deal with
this interface problem.

We always assess the machine based on the totality of its function.
Our components are developed from our own resources and we are
prepared to vouch for this with our system guarantee!

With the System Guarantee from Rerucha you can feel secure...

For instance in the event of a fire, the extraction system must be shut-off as fast as possible to prevent that fire is suctioned off and causes more damage.

In connection with the fire extinguishing systems, oil mist extraction systems and pressure release flaps offered by us, we provide a system guarantee!

And this means no less than our assurance that in the event of fire or deflagration/explosion in the machine tool, all connected components are guaranteed to function reliably!